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Create an Employer Contact

To Create an Employer Contact

Every job announcement or posting in Educate Kansas requires both an employer description, which you create when you sign up for an employer account and an employer contact. An employer can have multiple contacts and the contact information will be provided to applicants for questions concerning the job announcement. Contacts are not required to have usernames and passwords.  Contacts will only be able to view positions and the applicants therein of positions of which they are the contact.  Each time an applicant applies to a position, an email will be sent to the contact of the job announcement and the contact simply clicks on the link provided to view the position and/or applicant. To create an Employer Contact, follow the directions below.

To Create an Employer Contact:

  1. Login into your employer account.
  2. Click on the Main Profile button in the upper right corner of your screen to see the menu selections.
  3. Click on Manage Contacts.
  4. Provide contact information including first and last name, position, email address and phone number of individuals that may be listed as contact persons for positions with your district. 
  5. Click submit to add.
  6. To edit a contact, click on the paper and pencil icon to the left of the contact’s name.  Make edits and then click submit.
  7. To delete a contact, click on the X icon to the left of the contact’s name.  You will see Contact Has Been Deleted! 
  8. You can return to the Manage Contacts page at any time and follow the steps above to add, edit, or delete a contact.