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Searching for a Position


Applicants who have created an Applicant Profile are now ready to begin searching for a position and applying.  You can search for a position without having an Applicant Profile or Educate Kansas account, but you will be required to login once you have found a position to apply for.  To search and apply for a position, follow the directions below:

 Searching for a Position:

  1. On the home page, you will find the Find Teaching Jobs feature.
  2. The search feature allows you to search by region, category, and by region and category together.
  3. The search results are delivered by the date the position was posted, with the most recent at the top.  Employers add positions daily.  It is possible that you will have to advance to the next page to view all positions posted in one day during the months of March, April, and May.  
  4. The search results identify the job title, district, location, and post date. 
  5. To read more about the position, click on the position.  
  6. You will be redirected to the job announcement posted by the employer.  The job announcement provides various kinds of information on the position and information about the employer.
  7. The date the position is to start is indicated by Job Start Date.  The date by which you need to apply is indicated by Applications Due By.
  8. After viewing the announcement, you can either apply for the position (you must be logged in to your account to directly apply from the job search page) or continue your search.

*  The Simple Search Feature is best utilized for a single keyword search and by selecting a region.   In the text box, type a single keyword, select a region and then click submit.  For example, typing the keyword vocal would populate a list of all positions with the keyword vocal either in the title or description in the region you selected.  Typing a single location or city name would populate a list for all positions located in that city or that make mention of that city in the district, job description or title.